Kyoko Mogami


Costume includes a pink jump suit with 'love me' symbol on back and on front. Also includes belt and pouch, orange wig, and white undershirt.

It felt really amazing to cosplay a character that I love. I'd call this cosplay a huge success! It's encouraged me to do more of my favorite characters.

I was surprised at how easy it was to walk in and thought it was funny how it made me appear flat. Which I am not xD but Kyoko is so there you go.

It was a very versatile outfit and it was made so I could unzip the top, tie the sleeves in the back, and just have the white undershirt showing.

The pouch was removable and adjustable so I didn't have to put on the belt a certain way. I could also keep stuff in the pouch. ^^ That's where I kept my corn stone.

I looked at an image of the manga to get Kyoko's belt styled the right way and then it was off to the con!

Edit 2012: I switched belts for the costume and was much more satisfied with this one. I also learned how to do some new make up techniques so that I could look more like the character.
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Series Skip-Beat!
Character Kyoko Mogami

Sportster Thank you! I really love her too and I just finished watching the drama so that I could understand the character more. :3

LinkPwnsGanon I love Kyoko!!! She's so stong, dense, funny, and smart! I love her in both the anime and manga! I'm watching the drama right now! xD