Final Fantasy VIII



This costume was quite an undertaking to make. the dress is stretch velvet so it was quite difficult to applique the black flames on the bottom. But I am very please with how they turned out.

The wig was made in multiple parts. I started with a pre-parted white wig that had a skin strip all the way down the back. I added wefts to allow me to pull it up into two ponytails which I then stubbed. I used a Styrofoam and craft foam base for the horn then glued the hair i had cut off the ponytails to it with diluted white glue. I added extra wefts in the front to do the bangs then sewed and glued the horns into the wig.

The wings are PVC and wire frames that were covered in long pile fur. A weightlifters belt strapped on underneath the body suit is what the wings slot into.

The body suit was painted while i was wearing it over about 4 hours.

I used school glue (the kind in a tube) as a base to cover my eyebrows then used a heavy foundation to blend.


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Ultimecia


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