D'Eon de Beaumont

Le Chevalier D'Eon



This costume was done for the World Cosplay Summit US Prelims, alongside Night_X_Walker's Durand costume. Most of the photos I have, however, are from a photoshoot I did at Fanime, a couple of months before. We got VERY few photos at the Prelims (which is sad because I remembered to pull the cravat out and D's gargoyle makeup was so fun and scary!).

This costume was started the same time as Oscar, but it was very hard to work on both at the same time, so Oscar got delayed while this got done. I have my priorities :)

The coat is made of a combination of gold and cream silk (the cream was leftover from when I was making my wedding dress) and mauve silk lining. The design on the neckline and front is machine embroidered, with buttons to coordinate. The same design in a slightly smaller format is also used on the cuffs. The bias trim has a decorative stitch to give it a little bit of extra texture.

The waistcoat is a teal silk that is also accented with decorative stitching. Shirt is white linen, breeches are wool cashmere with a brown linen trim (which has the same design stitched on as the coat trim).

All of the clothes have a combination of machine and hand sewing. I tried to keep the machine work internal and use the hand work for exposed finishing work. While I wanted the historical look, I didn't want to try to do everything by hand. I am crazy, but not -that- crazy...yet :P

The sword is done by night_x_walker, and was constructed from custom parts that were set into silicone molds, then cast in plastic.

Wig was from eBay. The ribbon that D'Eon wears is hand-stitched into the base of the wig at the nape of the neck. The nice thing about this is that it means a) I don't risk losing the ribbon if I undo it for Lia, and b) when ponytailed, the ribbon stays in place, rather than sliding down and causing the ponytail to get all loose.

Shoes were a custom order from a historical re-enactment vendor. I admit it; I'm not a cobbler, so I bought the shoes, and they were worth every penny. :) But the funny part is that the shoe that most closely resembled D'Eon's is from the women's line XD


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