Takasugi Shinsuke

Gin Tama



Put together in a week to compliment a bunch of friends who were attending the same event in Gintama costumes.

-The yukata is liscenced (official) and comes from Animate Costume.
-The geta are from the old man in Hyogo-machi who always sells me perfect Japanese style shoes.
-contacts by 007-eyes (green)
-the wig is an Assist Wig bob layer in Blackberry
-the sword is also from Animate
-bandages are guaze, wrapped over my eye under the wig and then continued to wrap around the wig. I can see virtually nothing when it's on...
-side-binding with athletic tape in my own skin-tone. Ripping it off is exciting O-o

Special thanks to やゆうめいれん, who once again, saves the day when it comes to tying things. She tied my obi and secured my yukata so as to protect my dignity more efficiently. 感謝、感謝!


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Series Gin Tama
Character Takasugi Shinsuke
Variant yukata


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