Science Officer

Star Trek: The Original Series

This was an easy costume to research due to all the amazing resources out there! I mainly used and which have a great breakdown of the uniforms, advice on patterns, fabric sources, dye recipes etc. I also enjoyed browsing the references and articles on Finally, I made some use of and for screenshots.

There are heaps of uniform variations which made accuracy quite confusing to start with. I knew I wanted to do the spiral seams from series 2-3 on my dress, and conveniently the patterns available are in that style - I bought mine from Katarra 8 on eBay, along with braid and a patch. I eventually settled on velour for my fabric as in series 1-2 which I ordered from (I bought extra to make a shirt for my dad as well :P)

I was wary of the pattern having heard that the sizing was pretty small, so I used a size larger than I otherwise would have and made a mock-up in some spare cotton jersey. The mock-up went pretty well and showed that I’d picked the right size. It fitted well at the waist and was exactly the right length for me…which is good, but it didn’t allow anything much for hemming. Same for the sleeves. This really surprised me since I’m only 5”3, so if it’s almost too short for me, it’s guaranteed to be far too short for a lot of women. The other odd thing is the requirement for a 22” zip. I used a 12” one I already had 0_o. I did use a stretch fabric, but still, another 10” of zip seems excessive in any case - the seam isn’t even that long. The only real fit issue was again the sleeves, but at the shoulders/armscye. I made a few adjustments to the seams there. At least all these adjustments were simple, and I quickly transferred my alterations to my pattern pieces, noting the need to extend the hem and sleeves when I cut out the final pieces.

After all that preparation, when my velour arrived, I got it pre-washed, everything cut out, overlocked and assembled quickly without any problems. The hems were done by hand and the braid and insignia attached by hand too. I copied an existing pair of shorts to make a matching velour pair to go under my dress…which was essential, and accurate anyway.

I already had the boots, tights, tribbles and used my Cinderella wig for a beehive-ish updo style. My hair is fairly thin and fine, so I’d have no hope creating a decent updo with only my real hair. Before wearing the costume again at October Expo in 2012, I stalked ebay and found a communicator and a phaser (water pistol!) to add to my prop collection.

I also made a tricorder bag - I thought it would be a fun prop and useful bag for conventions at the same time. There's more detail in the journal section here:, but in short, I used black and silver leatherette with heavy sew-in interfacing, and black gabardine for the lining. The flap fastens with a magnetic snap, and I also chose to make the lower front panel a pocket. The designs on the front are padded out with wadding and topstitched down, there are also some studs inserted to mimic screws, and I made silver piping for the sides.
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Series Star Trek: The Original Series
Character Science Officer

gypsy_girl You look fabulous. Bang on.

Gonkbot This is a terrific cosplay, you look awesome.