I had the costume custom made by a seller on ebay.

The original wig is a 5 foot long Godiva wig by Lacey in Light Blonde. It took me about three hours to style the braid and finger-comb my way through separating it in sections. I did not add anything to it, so it is just the wig, a lot of bobby pins, and patience. Never again.

I tried out a new butterscotch color wig and sytled it myself. Strike 2.

I am going to commission a wig.

Here are the most up to date photos of the costume: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgljnBo0ozA&feature=related


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Series Rapunzel
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Jigouku Chou Great cosplay! And your smile is so enchanting!

Narnian Gorgeous cosplay!!!