This costume has been "in-progress" for what seems like forever. I started it in Dec. of '09...'10?.... probably '10. Either way, it was a lot of work, but I like the overall result.

-Wig: The wig was a frankenstein-ing of my old Spitfire wig and blonde extensions which were custom dyed to gradate from orange to blonde.

-Jacket: This probably took the longest. IT is made out of a coating wool and dull satin. All the diamonds at the bottom (on the inside and out[36 total!]) had to be hand pinned and stitch. Then the piping was sewn in by hand.

-Undershirt: Simple shirt made from muslin. The ruffles are simple box pleats.

-Bow: A simple snap-on bow. Made out of kona cotton. The tutorial I made for it is here ->

-Vest: Made out of white satin peau and black monece satin. The diamonds on the front were hand painted.

-Pants: Made out of Gabardine and satin peau. Again, the diamonds were sewn on (which was a pain! D: )

-Spats: Once again, made out of satin peau. I just used a boot cover tutorial and modified it.

-Bone Hand: A basic black knit glove with Model Magic bones glued onto the top. Works better than I expected. :)


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Joker


Melodic_Mayhem Looking AWESOME so far. And I love your face shape. It works well for Joker

juujuu_pop Never read/seen Kuroshitsuji, but I love this costume design!