Xbox 360-tan

Original/ Mikeinel



Original design by Mikeinel on DA. I saw the picture of the console-tans and I knew I had to be one of them xD I settled with the 360 because it was the most clothed and I wanted to make giant guns.

Some things I added my own twist on, the gattling gun is a bit different, the hairclips are completely changed, hair style is almost competely different and a few other minor details c:

The outfit itself isn't really anything special. I finally got time to work on this about two weeks before the gathering, but life decided to thorw me a curveball and those two weeks I was supposed to be work on it turned into about a day and a half of being able to make it, so the arm weapons are made from wonderflex, a foam ball, and two chapstick tubes lol. I had to get creative with what I had at home due to all stores being closed at 1am >.>;; My dad helped me make the gun ♥ ;u; which Im infinitely happy about because it turned out amazing. My mom also helped me finish painting it when I was running out of time. I'll be spiffing it up and adding some things to make the words "XBOX 360" light up on the sides, create a "red ring of death" and rig the insides so that I can safely burn incense inside the barrels so that it looks like its smoking. I hope to do the same with the small barrels on the arm gaurds.


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Series Original/ Mikeinel
Character Xbox 360-tan


Narnian Wonderful rendition!

cherryteagirl5 Love your rendition of 360-tan~!! I'm working on mine right now and would love to take some pics with yours!