Diablo II



This is one of those costumes that you think will be pseudo easy and ends up being a pain to make and finish, go figure XD

The shirt is a custom pattern I made based off the idea of a inverted wrap top. The shirt is fully lined and piped along the bottom edge, the fabric used for the top is a green matte satin. The shoulder pads are covered in the same matte satin and connected with snaps so they're removable.

The skirt is made from a matte black satin, which funnily enough is left over fabric from my boyfriends Batman cape XD. It is lined in more black satin and piped in gold. The 'crotch flap' is the same green satin as the shirt.

All the gold bits on the costume are made from metallic gold spandex. The belt is a mixture of gold spandex and inset PVC strips. All of the Armour pieces (neck guard, gauntlets, bellybutton shield and shin guards) are made from multiple layers of craft foam covered in gold spandex, after this project my official favorite thing ever is spray glue. All the pieces (except the belt) Velcro closed. The neck guard snaps onto the shirt on the front and back. The headpieces is made from the same craft foam and spandex combo with memory wire built into it, so it can mold around my head easily and then lay flat for storage without damaging it.

I suck at props, but of well! Since I'm not so good on the prop front I decided to make a long staff, which is primarily built using a curtain rod and pilfered Christmas ornaments. I decided to go with red tones so I could have a ruby socketed long staff. I also carved runes for an extra little details, some of the runes on the staff are Cham, Lum and Io.

The top requires a lot of flash tape and patience to get the under boob sitting mostly covered and not looking vulgar. Making this costume was a big project of getting in shape again, after countless hours at the gym I was comfortable enough to wear it. I'm still a little self conscious about wearing it, but in the end I love this costume.

I can cross this costume off my dream list now ^_^


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Series Diablo II
Character Sorceress


NoleVil Super! Well done!

nikosera Hello, Your sourceres costume is beautiful! I played for a long time diablo 2 and I did the cosplay druid. Congratulations!

kikuyo This costume came out very very amazing and well. You don't see alot of Diabloe cosplayers so congrats to you :)