Once again, a 2010 cosplay, therefore one I prefer not showing right now ^^;

The shirt was made from scratch (finding the right material and color was a NIGHTMARE, took about 3 months to do so O_O). The chains are heavy duty Rona ones XD

The undershirt was a modified black shirt, same goes for the cargo pants (extremely modified should I say...).

The gold bands are made out of gold pleather, with bra snaps to make it close. Next time I shall use an elastic, far less trouble ^^;

The millenium rod is a LOT of material all together, like a kid foam hammer toy, a styrophoam ball, some plastic tubing found at a hardware store for hot water house tubing, a decorative plant for outdoors, some foam I had here to pack stuff, old cds's protective ring thingie, and a lot of other stuff as well XD

The earings are mainly oven-harden clay, paintes and sealed/gloss, with spring-clip-on earrings, since I don't have any holes in my ears ^^;


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