Chrono Cross



Another oldie but still favorite character ^_^

Hat: used some stabilizer to create the shape and filled it with poly fill. Later covered it in red spandex material.

Cape: made of red spandex material

Leotard: drafted from my ballet leotards but added the sleeves and the offshouldered look. Made from 4 way stretch fabric.

Shoes: I bought a pair of elf shoes and wear a pair of Tom Toms for comfort. It is later covered in the same red material.

Boobcones and gems: I sculpted the model out of air dry clay, made a silicone mold from that, and then slush casted 3 layers so that it is lightweight and sturdy. They're the most durable armor I've ever made in my life ^_^ Gems are done the same way like my boobcones.


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Harle


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