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My very first armor crafted all in Worbla! Worbla is a thermoplastic that you can heat up and mold to any shape you want. It's very similar to Wonderflex and Styrene.

I used N7 armor templates based off of the ME2 game as there seems to be only female ME2 armor templates out on the internet. I then drafted my own patterns from those templates to fit the ME3 armor.

I used the sandwich method of making armor which is worbla/craft foam/worbla. It makes the mold stronger once cooled and it also help with molding as it won't be so flimsy when you heat it up. Once the pieces were molded I had to get a smoth finish on the armor. Worbla has a bumpy texture so to rid of it you have to layer in either Gesso or wood glue. Every 2 layers of Gesso I would sand the armor and then repeat until there were 10 layers on. Once finished I was able to spray paint and finish with an enamel gloss. The carbon fiber look is a faux carbon fiber vynl that is placed on cars for decor. Everything is attached with buckles, elastic, and nylon strapping.

My undersuit is a scuba diving suit (a UV block suit to be more accurate) with removable hand pieces so I'm able to do many things like eating without taking the whole costume off or making them dirty with food.

This armor took me a little over 2 and a half months to make and I'm very proud of it. It is going to be a competition piece so I hope to compete in it for craftsmanship as soon as I can! I have all my progress photos located on my facebook page (which I'll upload more here)

PM or comment if you have any questions!


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Mermaidpower Interesting. Thanks!

Nikineko Thanks! Since Worbla is a thermoplastic I just heat it up and then press it against my body. Of course not bare skin! But I have an old zentai suit that helps keep the heat away from my flesh and helps with maintaining the shape of my body. Also lots of templates!!! Some pieces were molded and then melted together (such as the breastplate as it have 7 pieces). By using one big template and cutting it into smaller pieces I was able to get shapes I wanted that I couldn't get by molding to myself. :)

Mermaidpower This is so cool! This is really great! Good Work! How did you shape it to your body?