Costume actually has a bit of history to it. This is my second time completing it, my first attempt was lost in a house fire. The only piece that survived was the jumpsuit (NECA), which actually looks infinitely cooler a little smoke damaged and dirty. So I decided to use it.

The Long Fall Boots are constructed from a mutilated pair of white go-go boots ($8 at Goodwill, yes!), electrical tape, foam, and paint. This is my second attempt at these, and I can honestly say they are WAY better than the previous ones. And they only cost me $20 to make.

Everything else was purchased piece for piece, ASHPD included. The gray leggings and blue tank top were both modified to get the same confusing layering/look that Chell has in game.

EDIT: I had attached springs on the shoes but decided for the sake of my sanity and ease of maneuvering the convention I took them off, so they are not pictured.


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Series Portal
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