1500s Gryffindor




The design is by Gaele Blanchette in CostumeCon 38’s Future Fashion Folio. As soon as I saw the design I knew I had to make it. It was great fun learning about historic clothing and kirtle dresses. The videos of Morgan Donner were very helpful.

Shift - Drafted shift pattern using Morgan Donner’s Making Basic Medieval Underwear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK4wwQlML8I Material for shift is a heavy cotton linen blend. Found at Value Village. Visible seems like the bottom of the sleeve and neckline I hand stitched.

Kirtle Dress - A couple of Morgan Donner’s videos helped me
with the kirtle dress.

Drafting a Medieval Kirtle Dress Pattern
Making a Medieval Heraldic Dress!

I had 4 drafts of a pattern and made 2 mock ups. All the eyelets for the spiral lacing are done by hand.

Material – I used heavy upholstery cotton on sale for $9 a meter. Only problem, they didn’t have a gold/yellow. So, I had to dye an off white to the colour I wanted.

Girdle - I crocheted the belt with #10 crochet cotton.

Circlet - I crocheted the circlet using gold crochet cotton with metallic threads in the twist. The pattern is two rows of single crochet, a row of popcorn stitches, and then two more rows of single crochet.

Veil and Wimple - Tan sheer fabric that I had in my fabric stash left over from Cinderella. They are simple circles that I hand sewed a rolled hem on.

Hair loops – My hair isn’t long enough to do medieval hair styles. I bought two braid headbands and stitched then together in loops.

Gryffndor Lions - Found a heraldic lion as close to the one on the Gryffindor crest and printed it up on cotton iron sheet. I added a little more yellow with a pencil crayon.

If you'd like to see this costume in action https://youtu.be/WblMriC-cr4


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gypsy_girl Thank you all for your kind comments. @Frozen Angel I'd love to see your Slytherin interpretation.

Bluehentrooper What a lovely costume! It's so fun to see a Harry Potter take on historical clothing. You information on how you made it is also helpful.

Frozen Angel I recently finished the first book of Harry Potter and I LOVE your original take on said magical world and its history! This actually inspires me to do something similar; albeit from a different era and with Slytherin. You've done a great job with this, kudos to you! :')

Angelx624 Wow this looks great!! :D

flash1616 This looks so good, awesome detailing! I love it!