Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones



Dress: Made from a stretch velvet. I stabilised the seams with iron-on interfacing, which made sewing a lot easier. The interfacing also added weight to the hem, which helped the dress and sleeves drape nicely. I used a SImplicity pattern. I also added a hidden pocket.

Embroidery: I looked at Emily Reginalds template and used her blog as a guide. I've never done such detailed embroidery before and I'm so happy with the results

Cloak: Basically a big rectangle of fabric, gathered at the top, with a pieces of cord running through a drawstring. The cord goes around my shoulders and ties at the back, holding the cloak on securely without restricting movement.

Fur collar: I found a faux fur scarf in a secondhand shop and altered it to make the fur collar.

Wig: From The Five Wits

Boots: Secondhand shop

Black gloves: My grandmother's


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Series Game of Thrones
Character Sansa Stark
Variant Season 6: Direwolf Dress


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