Lina Inverse

Slayers TRY



The trinkets are thrice-baked sculpey painted with silver flake and mounted with pieces of christmas ornaments. The ornament pieces broke at Animazement and need replacing with something better and less breakable.

The jacket is fully lined. I used a pattern and cut the sleeves shorter than called for, as well as shortening it overall. The material is suiting and lined with deep navy satin. The white trim is satin blanket binding, hand backstitched. No machine stitching is visible anywhere on the jacket, which I'm quite proud of. I used navy for the lining because it was what I had enough of and it looks really nice.

The boots' heel is too high, and they need to be replaced, but for ten bucks on ebay, I figured i couldn't go wrong for now.


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Series Slayers TRY
Character Lina Inverse


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