Plum Kitaki

Ace Attorney



I fell in love with the costume as soon as I saw it! Big, goofy painted designs? Check. Crazy wig? Check. Broom with a hidden katana? Check. Violently protective wife of a yakuza boss? CHECK.

Not quite done with Plum yet! I still have to paint on lots of gold swirls, since what I've used is too light to show up in photos. The shoes need designs added to them as well, and the obi needs a bit of work. But overall, I enjoyed my test run at Orlando Anime Day!

I used heat n bond for the flowers, fox and overlapping red parts. The katana blade was carved out of balsawood, hand-sanded, painted and mounted inside a piece of bamboo I sawed apart, then surrounded with giant bristles. It's a super easy costume! The hair accessories are just basic craft foam!

Credit for the awesome wig goes to Korin! It's super comfy, light and really, really durable!


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Series Ace Attorney
Character Plum Kitaki


kaligoddess You are so awesome for making this.

silkmonkey wow :D I haven't seen anyone do this character. Great costume, one of the best Ace Attorney-costumes I've seen

juujuu_pop Great costume (like always)! Haven't seen anything new from you in awhile! What are your convention plans this year?

kitsch_brigade I love this! You really did a great job on her~