Vána the Ever-Young

The Silmarillion



I have been a huge Lord of the Rings fan since I first saw the movies in early high school. As I never got to see them in theater you can imagine my great surprise and excitement upon learning that the Hobbit would be made and that I would be able to see it in theaters. I decided that I would have to make a gown for myself and seeing as I am quite tall I couldn't possibly pass as a hobbit. So I decided that I would go as a wood elf. Unfortunately there are no female characters in the book to name the gown after so I then decided to name my gown after a Valier so that the gown would be somehow related to not only the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings but also to all the other works Tolkien wrote about Middle Earth. I chose the Valier Vána because she represents the spring and that is my favourite season.

Under Gown - used a pattern and added ties to the sleeves, made with a pale gold fabric of unknown origin.

Over Gown - pattern drafted with the aid of a tutorial and some unique aspects I created, made with green crushed velvet and a brown velvet trim.

Boots - used pre-owned boots.

Cloak - pattern drafted by me, made using an old curtain, material of unknown origin.


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Series The Silmarillion
Character Vána the Ever-Young


Yazmine I love that you cosplayed from Silmarillion. My favourite of the Tolkien books after the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Beautiful Vana!

ranerdis This is beautiful! Well done!! (the silmarillion is definitely my favourite :D)

Mae-Gwyn Thanks :) I am hoping to finish it this year actually as I want to make an over gown for it and maybe some soft leather boots.

Kamira-san OH MY GOD how are there no comments on this costume?! This is amazing! I love seeing Silmarillion cosplays, and you made the dress so beautifully. Incredible job!