Yosuke Hanamura

Persona 4



Yosuke's winter casual outfit and uniform from the Persona 4 the Animation.
Everything I do is hand sewn.
I love this character.


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Series Persona 4
Character Yosuke Hanamura


epicserendipity You're just saying that because of my fight with the dumpster, huh. o_O :D Nah, but really. Thank you. That's nice of you to say. :) You should join the Persona group for the Midnight Channel gathering at Anime Expo this year at midnight if you can make it. We're going to have a Shadow Adachi. It'll be epic! *fist of victory punch in the air. Animal crackers fly everywhere.*

Akahime Can't believe I haven't come in here yet and comment. D8 AHEM. Your Yosuke is awesome and you really fit his character! Wonderful job on the uniform and his winter outfit! You're a wonderful cosplayer and keep doing what you do best Yosuke! ;)