Akarui-Sakura as Dark Magician Girl

Dark Magician Girl


Cosplayer: Akarui-Sakura
Dark Magician Girl has always been my favorite character from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise ever since I started watching it. Since 2004, I had been aching to get a Dark Magician Girl card of my own since I love her so much.

After these long years of being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, I finally decided to make my own Cosplay of her - this time, actually making every almost single piece of the costume by myself with as little help as possible. Truly a challenge, but I'm willing to take it!

- Wand/Rod/Staff was made fully by recycled materials. My teacher gave me an old PVC pipe he wasn't using and cut it to the length I wanted it to be (16 inches). After that, I painted it with multiple layers of light blue paint - I wanted to make extra sure that there's little to no brush strokes. I found an old bouncy ball in my garage to use as the bottom gold orb. My dad helped me spray paint it golden and later on glued it to the bottom of the soon-to-be rod.

The swirly thingy on the top is made from foam. I drew a rough sketch of the shape I wanted onto a piece of paper and later traced it onto the foam, then I cut, shaped, coated with mod podge, and painted it to my liking, then attached it to the rod.

The little pink rubber thingies are actually old rubber sleeves that were part of some exercise equipment we used to have. Since they were originally black, I painted them a light pink color and glued them straight onto the rod! After that, DONE! Onto the next part~!

For the skirt, I purchased a smoke pink one off amazon. It's high waisted but it's perfect DMG's look.