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I don't even with this costume. I have a trunk on my butt.

I really liked Kenkou Cross's personifications of different monster girls, despite the heavily sexual aspect of his stories that go along with them! I thought Mimic looked fun and adorable, so I decided to make her in tribute to his art. :)

I didn't use a pattern--I mean, how could you even find something like that--for anything but the panties. I sewed long strips and kind of wrapped and snapped them. The box is made of cardboard covered with foamies for the "wood, and paperclay sanded into the cracks so it didn't look quite so ghetto.

The wigs contain my first experiment at sewing wefts, which went better than expected.

I added wire to the bows when I revamped this to wear with my friend Midnight Bluewing at Colossalcon. It really made a difference!


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FraGKiTTeN wow you pulled off the mimic really well *thumbs up*