This is a cosplay I've really been looking forward to *__*

The dress was actually much harder to make than I anticipated °-°
The Skirts were easy to sew, but it took me 10 hours to paint all the patterns onto is X__X
The top was quite a challenge and isn't sewn very neatly... but I like it anyway :3
I coloured the lace on the bottom of the top pink, but it kind off still looks white one the photos D:

Oh and I am aware, that shes actually wearing two tops, but I only sewed one °_° This way everything stays an place and looks accurate all the time^^
And and extra layer of clothes only serves to make you look bigger XD

I got to wear all three hair versions x33333

And my lovely Flynn gave me the crown as a birthday present *___*
(She made it herself!)
We has so much fun :D


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Series Disney
Character Rapunzel


Limeyaku You ( and your costume ) are simply stunning. You were one of my biggest inspirations for the braid, so thank you!! <3

rapunzel_18 amazingly beautiful <3

EternalSuccubus God, I love your Rapunzel!

Bakanishi This is so awesome!! You make a fabulous Rapunzel. <3 So adorable~!

carladawn aw I saw your pics on dA! You are amazing!

TheAnimelady Du bist einfach so grandios toll als Rapunzel *.*

Mohmoh simply stunning. You're a PERFECT Rapunzel. Your dress and especially the wig are phantastic!

EchosOfTheDead You're such a beautiful Rapunzel! ^^ Lovely!