Dark Mousy




… So here’s another version that I made of Dark. Katsucon always has a formal dance and even though I never go in, I always like to dress up. So this year, I decided to go with a formal version of Dark, which was great because I love this outfit of his. I found a red button up shirt, tan slacks, and a belt. I then made his necklace and his jacket with a basic jacket pattern. Since I didn’t want to wear large wings for this version of Dark, I opted to wear a pair made by Yaya Han (love her work!) that was made out of craft foam and wire. I used my wig and contacts from my other versions of Dark to complete the outfit.

I premiered this outfit at Katsucon 2011 and went with my friend feline-soul on DeviantArt who went as Satoshi Hiwatari. We then had a mini shoot with my friend Katsuya and it was a lot of fun. Anyway, I hope you like it! :D


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