Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

@II Squall II


Reunion Project!!!
Another FFVII's cosplay? Yeah!
FFVII is really so full of good chars that sometimes I think I wanna make them all LOL! XD
This time me and my GF (|| Rinoa ||) cosplayed as 2 Villains...Yazoo and Kadaj from FFVII: Advent Children!
W/ a guest star.... Mommy! XD
We cosplay'd it for a Photoshot by Walter Pellegrini ^^
As usual || Rinoa || made costume and I made weapons: Velvet Nightmare and Souba^^
Hope you'll like this photoshot ^__^


@II Squall II
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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Yazoo


Hee-Hee Really nice Yazoo, you've got a great face for him. And your gal did a wonderful job with the costume!

zodiacblood HOT!!...

B-Shira Another new costume!!!! *O´*

AnimeArtist AWESOME costume. You look great! :D