HyperShadow as Angelica Teach

Angelica Teach

Pirates of the Caribbean

Cosplayer: HyperShadow
I love Pirates of the Caribbean: my favorite movies as well as my favorite ride. Ever.

The chance to portray a character from my favorite series is a dream come true for me. I wanted to do the best I could to represent the series.

I've also wanted my own pirate costume for so long, and when I saw Angelica I knew that was my chance.

And after-all, who doesn't want to be a pirate?

The only things I'm missing are my baldric and sword, both of which will be gotten at a later time. (Hey, it's no fun if you have everything the first time around!)

Frock, hat, and vest made by the incredibly talented Erik Teague.

Shirt made by Paulipoos.

Waistbelt by ACME Brand. (Thanks Richard!)

Earrings, palm glove, boot modifications, and make-up done by me.