Cyd Charisse

Singin' in the Rain



I've loved this costume for years. From this sequence in the movie Singin' in the Rain:

Sadly I don't have Gene Kelly to dance with! ;D

I started beading and sequin-ing in November and carried it around with me everywhere. Most of the armbands are made by me as well, and I dyed the pantyhose (in the movie there's a slight green sheen in close-ups.

The shoes (dyeable bridal shoes) were really hard to find (nobody carries dyeable round-toe pumps!) and extremely painful. Ugh.


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Series Singin' in the Rain
Character Cyd Charisse


dizzykneeland did you make any patterns? i want to make this costume! how did you do it?

TheImmortalHTK ok now thats just incredible it looks really exactly like it does in the movie GREAT JOB

mviolet Singin' in the rain is one of my favourite movies EVER. Two thumbs up for this costume!

kiratsukai Classy as hell.

Mehdia Singin' in the Rain is one of my favorite movies ever. You did such a beautiful job. The dress and you are both gorgeous.

Marillawen OH MY GOD. Like Shokora said: You are made of WIN for doing this! This is AHMAYZING. Okay I am done fangirling now. (Not really.) I demand to see what you did at the masquerade: a walk or the dance?

Shokora You are made of WIN for doing this!!!! I knew IMMEDIATELY what this costume was from!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!