Claire Bennet

Heroes (TV series)

Costume made just a week before the con ;) (I've never been so quick, and was really lucky in finding all the stuff to make it.)
Between many different tv series, Heroes was the only one who captured me totally(after the X-Files series)! I'm so in love with it and always followed it strongly. As a big fan I felt i had to do somehing and first thing jumped in my mind was making some here she is the cheerleader, Claire Bennet :3

"Save the cheerleader, save the world" ...the tv serie's motto obsessed me for months XD

I've always loved her, and since she was Sylar's most wished prey, I felt I had to be on her side from the beginning... -♥-
The only one defect was the lack of a group to cosplay with all the characters of the film :/ ...
You can't always claim perfection...but next time i'll do it ;) Need a good organization to "build up" a Heroes group *w*
I wish so...
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Series Heroes (TV series)
Character Claire Bennet

rpmsauron The college chick costume looks very sexy on you indeed, it would have been cooler if other people could have intertwined the theatrical scenes with you though, to stage scenes from the show :p I just hope you dont plan to stage the first scene in it, where she jumps down from a tower thing and videotapes it :p