Female Trainer




This has been a really quickly but well made costume.

I was going to make black shoe covers, but I decided not to, since I don't plan to enter this costume in any contests and I get to save on fabric. I also left out the wristbands.

I altered a pair of jeans to make these shorts and I added on the white flaps. I bought the tank top and the vest from Goodwill. I added red shoelaces to my brown high-tops and wore black socks. I made the hat, accidentally I painted it with watercolor, but I brushed some other coats on top, so now it won't smear if wet. That is my natural hair.

Props: PokéMeter ©Nintendo

Here are some of my WIP pictures. I twitpic-ed them and now decided to upload them here to have some kind of update. lol I am not dead peoples.


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Series Pokémon
Character Female Trainer
Variant Black & White


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