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While I LOVED my old Wonder Woman costume, I just wasn't happy with the fit of the corset, and then I wanted to make new armor for the bracelets and chest that were more form fitting... It all kind of came down to making an entirely new costume instead of just improving upon the old one. :)

[x]Corset: I found a new pattern that I drafted with muslin and I LOVE it! It actually fits properly and cinches me in, as opposed to the old corset. To be made with glitter-time salsa red casa satin center panels, then a shinier, brighter red crepe back satin for the front middle panels, and the rest will be red salsa casa satin. To be fully interfaced, boned, and lined with broadcloth and denim and trimmed with gold lamé bias tape.

[x]Skirt: Royal blue casa satin with small white star appliques gathered into a three paneled skirt.

[x]Cape: The color scheme for the cape changes in practically every panel, so I went for white glitter-time casa satin fully lined with a bright, royal blue crepe back satin with a VERY shiny finish. MUCH fuller than my last, simple cape.


[x]Tiara: I completely re-made my tiara with a wonderflex base and gold foil for the outside. It turned out amazingly well for an experiment, and has that nice SUPER shiny finish that appears in Jim Lee's work.

[x]Bracelets: I really wasn't happy with the fit of my last bracelets, and this time around I wanted to go simpler. I molded wonderflex over a myriad of round objects to the get the perfect fit around my arms, and then spray painted them aluminum silver and sealed them with gloss varnish for a more hammered look as opposed to the perfect finish of the tiara.

[x]Chest armor: heat molded patterned pieces of wonderflex spray-painted a metallic gold and sealed with glossy varnish. It attaches to the corset via industrial grade Velcro.

[x]Belt: Made with a combination of treated craft foam, wonderflex, and leather, with metallic gold spray paint and the same gold foil that was used for the tiara. I'm still using the same Lasso of Truth.

[x]Brooch: using my old one, but painted solid gold this time around with a glossier top coat and some minor weathering.


[x] After some rough-n-tumble abuse from walking around in the rain at Wonder Con and err...not so gracefully slipping a few times, I touched up all of the black skid marks and they're ready to go.

[x]Wig: I'm getting a new, even curler and more accurate wig for Drizella, so I'm going to relax the curls on the wig I debuted Wondie with and have a much wavier wig as opposed to the curls.


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