Allen Walker (Crown Clown claw)




After watching D.Gray-Man the two characters I got really attached to were the Earl and Allen. Allen's so cute and cool, and I love his story... At first I had a hard time choosing which version I wanted to make. He wears so many cool outfits! I was going to make the first uniform but changed my mind because I wanted something more detailed... So I picked his second uniform with the Crown Clown claws version. I didn't really used to like the second uniforms but the design of Allen's evolved Innocence was just so cool I knew I had to do it.

All in all it wasn't an overly challenging costume, and I finished it in around four months. A few times though I just didn't know how proceed but made it in the end. I love how it looks!

I mostly followed the artbook and manga pictures as my references, but took a few things here and there from the anime version.

A description on how I made it will be shared on my Patreon page.

I attended the con Expomanga 2012 in Madrid with this costume, with Lavi and Millennium Earl. I didn't intend to enter the contest as Allen but I didn't have the time to finish my second costume, Dark Woods Circus Miku. Anyway, I thought, why not. XD I've uploaded a video of my walk-on performance here:


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Allen Walker (Crown Clown claw)


PsychopathBunny This is beautiful!! Love the detail work of your outfit. Great work!!

Chomesuke This. Is. So. AMAZING. Ugh, it's so perfect!!<3

Altair Love the neatness of your silver vinyl embellishments. They're very clean!

Tsuki_bunny1994 Wow, I love much you want all-out on this! It looks like you stole Allen's outfit right off of him! XD Almost makes me want to go back a redo my first Allen cosplay...

WARPAINTandUnicorns This reminds me that I still have a half finish Crown Clown Allen to go. I just got so frustrated with the claw i had to give up for awhile, Great Job on yours!