Hetalia: Axis Powers



Got asked by a friend to do this character. Pretty much did the cosplay in a day; all, from the dress, painting the white flower pattern, red bows, and styling the wig.
It's for a Hetalia group photoshoot.
I used it for an activity call ''Japanese Week 2012'' along a fellow cosplayer who did France. It was for a runway.
Hope I got the chance to do the tuna plushie (yes, I used a dolphin plushie; sue me xD) before the photoshoot.

UPDATE 3/July/2012:
Well, even if it was months ago, I got to do my Tuna-cchi plush-bag-prop. I'll upload a tutorial later on. It's as long as 'am tall and since its also a bag, all my clothes and shoes were stocked inside. Heh, very easy to carry around indeed. :3


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Seychelles
Variant Blue dress


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