Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



This is my new costume!
It has been my dream since I began to cosplay as Rinoa.
I wanted a perfect fabric for a perfect duster.
I tried many times to look a perfect fabric.
I tried to knit, but the fabric was always very heavy.
Then I saw a perfect fabric in ebay and bought it, I dyed it, and the result was very good!
Not so turquoise as in the cg, but the same blue as in game!
I ended discovering that Rinoa's duster change the size of the ribs during some cg parts.
It look bigger when she's distant from the screen and smaller when the camera zoom it. It's strange,isn't?
Here my dream begins!
I'll redo all the costume.
Wig, shorts,camisole,skirt,etc...everything!

*_* Finally my final version!

* my duster and armwarmers are done!
* My new duster and armwarmers were discarted! I didn't like them! I'm planning to make another duster.


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Last Updated 5 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa Heartilly
Variant Blue Duster


Arggia Thank you so much^^

Dcorn Looks good !