Marion Ravenwood

Raiders of the Lost Ark



I technically made this costume last year, but didn't have any good pictures to upload on here. Chase fixed that for me at CONvergence this month. Raiders of the Lost Ark is my all-time favorite movie- even more than The Empire Strikes Back. I've seen online that you can purchase a similar shirt, but I wanted to go all out and make one my own after getting an embroidery machine.

The shirt was a labor of love. I sketched out the design after staring at screenshots forever, and scanned it into my embroidery program. I learned a lot embroidery this blasted thing. I learned more afterwards that I wish I implemented while making the shirt. The collar is smocked. It was a royal pain, and on top of that, I couldn't get a decent reference of it, so I had to take some artistic liberties. I lucked out with the waistband fabric. I found some in the sale area that was probably as close as I could get. The pants I made out of peachskin fabric. I believe what she wears is heavier, but this draped nicely, plus I could keep cool in it. The headpiece to the staff of Ra is something I bought at Dragon*Con, sanded down and touched up with apoxy, and then painted myself.


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Series Raiders of the Lost Ark
Character Marion Ravenwood


gypsy_girl Excellent cosplay. I like it when people cosplay characters other than Indy.