Hyrule Warriors



Fun making this cosplay. It was a bitsy rush and the results are good. I'll upgrade it soon and get some decent fotos,,, since the few I have were all taken at a convention.... xD
Hyrule Warriors cosplay <3
Seems to be the first Wizro cosplay on the net, which is a ''+yay'', but since I just love making random TLOZ cosplays the most <3 is truly the important feature here anyways,,, :P
Thanks for watching :)


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Last Updated 5 years ago
Created 5 years ago
Series Hyrule Warriors
Character Wizro
Variant Wizzro


Sass Thank you very much StarterChibi <3 *3*

StarterChibi LOL FINALLY. I've been looking around for a Wizro since I started playing Hyrule Warriors. I really love it it's AMAZING