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So I've been in love with the short Bee and PuppyCat from Cartoon Hangover for a while. This is her original outfit from the short before they started producing episodes. I knew I wanted to make this cosplay eventually but didn't think I would so soon. I happened to find a little PuppyCat plush at DCC Fandays 2014 and quickly bought it. He even sings like Oliver the Vocaloid who voices Puppycat so I was super excited. Since my sister was in town that weekend and I had a cosplay party in a few days she said she would help me put this together. I can't give a very good price because we used some stuff I already had so excluding the boots, wig, and puppycat the cosplay cost me around $20 and an hours worth of time.

I first ran by our local good will and picked up the yellow sweater and pink shorts. They there both around $5 each. The shorts are not jean material but rather a cloth. It is a lot more comfortable and looks less short on my long legs (I'm around 5'9"). And by luck is the same color as my puppycat's collar.

Next we took a trip to a large Johann's close to my college. I got a yard of normal broad cloth and 1/4 of a yard of Velcro for the bows. I got four sheet of craft felt (1 yellow, 1 black, 2 white) for the bee and temporary peter pan collar.

Lastly we ran by Walmart and picked up some white knee-highs.

The assembling of the cosplay took about an hour with two people. My sister constructed the Bows on the shoes to go around my ankle+boot with about two inches high. I then made a bow to got glue onto the bands. Then with some hot glue on the velcro I was able to take the bows on and off without messing anything up. No sewing machine was required (mostly cause my sister didn't bring one).

Next I made the bee for the sweater. I started by sketching out the size I wanted and holding it to my chest. When I was pleased I cut out the bee shape and then the outlining back. Then I cut up my pattern and cut the yellow and white felt. After that I cut the stripes out. When it was all done I glued the three layers together and drew on a face to the bee with sharpie. Then we stitched it on the sweater. My sister then cut out pieces for the collar and loosely stitched them until I find a peter pan collar shirt or she could make one for me. I have not tried washing the swather btw. Lastly I just had to put it all on and it looked great. I had to do minimal styling to the 10th doctor fem wig but soon I was Bee.


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