Henry Branwell

The Infernal Devices

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Around the time in Clockwork Angel that Henry set himself on fire by accident, had to be extinguished and then offered to set himself on fire AGAIN, I realized two things:
1) Henry Jocelyn Branwell was the biggest dork I'd seen in recent literature
2) I had to cosplay him, no matter what.

The outfit itself I based on this art: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/43418464735/in-honor-of-clockwork-princess-being-only-one but did take some liberties on; I added freckles and fluffier hair like he's described as having, and I put runes on. The vest I got from from a local thrift store, the wig was from epiccosplay & the goggles I bought at Katsucon. I had a pair of old beat-up black pants that I covered in fireplace ash to replicate Henry's "perpetually covered in soot" look from the books.

The sensor I made by spray-painting an iPhone box and then adding the buttons, which were made from cardstock. It doubled as a wallet during Awesome Con.


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Series The Infernal Devices
Character Henry Branwell
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