Touko Fukawa

Dangan Ronpa



The moment Syo entered, scissors blazing, was the exact moment I fell head over heels with Dangan Ronpa. I had to immortalize it somehow.


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Last Updated 5 years ago
Created 5 years ago
Series Dangan Ronpa
Character Touko Fukawa
Variant Genocider Syo


Julesie Is it this one? =) Thank you for all your help. ^_^

el3phantbird I googled "fake tongue", it was the first result. It's inflatable, which is way more fun than it should be.

Julesie Oh really? What did you type in to get it? It'd work perfectly with a character I cosplay.

el3phantbird Would you believe me if I said Amazon? lol

Julesie Amazing cosplay. Where did you get that tongue?!