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This will forever be my absolute favorite (and most comfortable!) cosplay to wear, even though my first version of it was terrible!

I threw this cosplay together for Ventura Comic Con 2013, although my wig didn't arrive in time for the con so I had to borrow a wig from a friend.
I bought a basic plain hoodie off of Amazon (and amazingly found the perfect color!) and painted on the details with fabric paint. The undershirt was a long sleeved red turtleneck shirt that I bought from a thrift shop. I cut off the sleeves (the weather is always too hot here), unrolled the collar, and added the zipper. I originally used plain black pants since it was a last minute cosplay, but in my recent attempts to fix it up, I finally bought green pants. The green sneakers I bought at Ross long before I had the cosplay planned.
The short(er) wig in the horrible-quality pictures from VCC is my friend's Gumi wig- the brighter long green wig is the one I ordered from ebay. I wasn't satisfied with it because it was shiny and a lot brighter green than I wanted. The darker green wig is the newest one, which I bought at Anime Expo 2014. Its the Venus in Olive from ArdaWigs, and after cutting off a lot of the length, I can safely say I'm in love with this wig. I was originally planning to buy the Eowyn but it was the day before I needed it for a photoshoot and they were out of stock of the Eowyn in Olive, so I decided to go with the Venus instead.
EDIT: Added more recent photos! There's huge difference between the old and new photos, so it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out which is which. ;)


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Deru-Wisper Ahhh thank you!!

Ezrinmaru_77 OH my gosh! For throwing this together really quickly, you look like an awesome Kido!! I think you did a good job ^_^