Jack & Sally

Nightmare Before Christmas



Handmade Jack Skellington and Sally Costume from Nightmare Before Christmas

Costume has undergone changes and alterations since our first wear in 2013,
We have fixed Jack's collar to make it sturdier, and have also included sclera contacts to make him appear more spooky and Jack like.
Sally changes include a Jack Skellington bow in the hair and red lipstick to better match the rag doll character


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Last Updated 4 years ago
Created 4 years ago
Series Nightmare Before Christmas
Character Jack & Sally


RaisloverSakura Wow thank you so much! I myself never liked the awkward mask that you can buy at Spirit Halloween or any Halloween store, It looks so tacky, whereas the makeup does look very nice and natural! Thanks for the comment @Miss Mace

Miss Mace I like the make-up/contacts/wig solution fro Jack, I've seen Jack done with masks a couple of times, but this has an elegance to it.