Costume made and worn by me.

Most of the pieces were made by repurposing/upcycling old clothes.
Nearly every item was painted & weathered using various paints that I normally use for my artwork (often mixed with fabric medium).
I decided to do Lilith's default colours because they're more recognizable.

» The yellow top was altered from a secondhand hoodie. I removed the hood, sleeves, and chest area, moved the wrist bands up, and took in the size.
» The vest was altered from an old jacket. I cropped it, removed the sleeves and decorations, took in the size, then added mesh (left over from my Maya cosplay) and other details. The fur on the collar was harvested from a different jacket. I didn't add the quilted gun recoil pad (why is it on her left side if she holds her gun on the right...?) because I couldn't find anything like it and didn't own a sewing machine at the time.
» The belt pouches were made from parts I took off of the jacket. The red tabs on the pouches are scrap grosgrain ribbon.
» The pink shirt was an H&M tank I had worn to death. It was later upgraded to something nicer and better fitting.
» The black/grey pants were purchased from H&M, worn with the waist folded down for now because they're too high-rise.
» The chaps were made from pants purchased from Sirens (hah).
» The boot armor is foam and fake leather. The straps are web belting material, spray painted grey on the edges. Studs on the armor and straps are painted rhinestones of various sizes harvested from old clothing. On the left boot, I added red scrap fabric leftover from altering my Meiko costume. Lilith has some red fabric on her leg (and arm) in the second game.
» The gloves and Torgue style rifle are from my Maya cosplay.
» The wrist bands are a leather bracelet on one side, and an altered headband on the other side.
» I added extensions to a red wig, focusing more on her right side. I don't have enough confidence with wigs to cut the left side short.


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