Tamao as Eternal Sailor Moon

Eternal Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Stars

Cosplayer: Tamao
My pride and joy of the year thus far. I've always wanted to cosplay Sailor Moon, and I'd planned to start with her default fuku, but things shifted around and suddenly I landed on doing Eternal. This was a huge learning experience, and while I plan to do lots of touch-ups on her, I am so proud of the work I did with the amount of time I had.
A big shoutout to Cupcake Cosplay and Sparkle Pipsi for their great tutorials, along with Rufflebutt Cosplay's horsehair braid tutorial. Having my first legit magical girl cosplay be the most magical of them all was amazing.
I hope to make proper wings when I wear/shoot her again but what I had worked out nicely!
My gorgeous staff was commissioned by the talented Jigane Props and Cosplay!