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This has been a fun cosplay to do. I didn't know if this would make this years Halloween deadline. I'm glad it did.

So, the shirt is made of silk fabric that was dyed in a gray vinegar fabric dye bath. It took 3 hours to create. For the jacket, it's made of twill that's black, but the collar is made of cotton. It took 6 hours & 10 minutes to create, but 1 hour and 20 minutes to hand paint with white fabric paint. So the total construction for the jacket was 7 hours & 30 minutes

For the crown and wings, each took a minute to create. So a total of 3 minutes. It's attached to my jacket with a big safety pin used as a button hook. The shoulder part is made of hard fleece and the wings on the back are made of cardboard and Wonderflex. The wings on the back took 2 hours and 15 minutes to create. Their held on my back by velcro to the back of the jacket and the bat itself.

For the pants, they're made of stretch spandex material in the shape of a tear drop with no elastic at the waist. It took 2 hours and 45 (*Will add the design with the air brush at a later date).

Thanks to my awesome Mom for letting me have her old flip flops, I turned the soles of the flip flops into his shoes. The fabric, I think, is twill-like, but not for sure. It took 30 minutes for each show (1 hour for both). His mask is made of cardboard and Wonderflex. It took 1 minute to make. The mask is tied on my face with black ribbon.

My wig was bought from Amphigory.com. It was a brown Spikey-Cheap styled wig before. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to style the wig. I honestly don't like this styling of wig. I don't know if it' how I styled it or it's due to his gravity defying back ends, but whatever. I wish it was better-__-

I did had some fangs that I created myself, but unfortunately, my Mom got paranoid and made be buy some at my local Halloween specialty store. Overall, they serve the purpose.

Lastly, I bought a pair of black panty hose and the red parts are red cotton fabric. The gloves are made from scratch out of hard fleece fabric. Each glove took 2 hours each (4 hours for both).

*The Pumpkin Head & Decisive Pumpkin key blades are coming soon^_^

As of right now, the total construction of the cosplay is 20 hours and 50 minutes.

*This is considered 95% completed. I need to fix a few things and make some parts better, and create both Pumpkin Head and Decisive Pumpkin Keyblades to make the cosplay better.


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