Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Robes




A new artist-alley costume to finally show off my massive Skyrim love, the Dark Brotherhood shrouded robe set! Since I don't need to bother with a wig and it'll be cozy and fairly comfy in cool-weather conventions, I'll be wearing this at a lot of my winter Artist Alley tables.
The costume is:
-Undershirt; Made of 4-way spandex for comfort, and the trim is red cotton velvet machine-embroidered with grey thread. I used my trusty old knit-shirt Burda pattern with a little modifying, and made almost all of it with the serger.
-Pants: Made of the same fabric and trim as the shirt, and used a Kwiksew sweatpants pattern with flared legs (way comfier, and easier, than non-stretchy pants, and you'll never see the waistband or crotch IN the costume...)
Main robe: Made with black peachskin suede, and the sleeves lined in burgundy quilting cotton. It both looks more fantasy-accurate to have it of a nice "rich" fabric, and is nice and cozy.
Tabard and hood: Made with both black peachskin suede and leftover red microsuede from Nelvana, and the hood lined with the same cotton as the sleeves.
Gloves: Made with my usual gloves pattern with some modifying, and I'd bought the perfect colour of pinkish-red knit to make them out of as an added bonus.
Belt: Black upholstery vinyl with the ends folded in to the centre back and contact-cemented into place to look more like real leather, and an almost-perfect belt buckle harvested off the same purse I bought for Tali'Zorah's belt buckles (yay, it came with several on it!)
Footwear: Just using my plain black running shoes, since I need comfort and non-slip treads when working the Artist alley.
I also bought a cast-resin Talos amulet from the lovely Suspicious Tumbleweed on Deviantart, for an added extra (and some hopeful shots of me killing Thalmor in future photoshoots. YEAH I BELIEVE IN TALOS, COME AT ME ELVES :P)
I also made a fake "casting spell" prop to hold in one hand; made of red and orange sparkly organza, and composed of many, many, many small pieces sewn and cut into a fireball-looking pompom.


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