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So, Tali has been a costume I have been looking forward to making for YEARS. And now with my skills good enough to feel mostly confident in making it, here we go! But it still wasn't easy by any stretch. The plan was to have this done, and competed in, at Anime North 2016.
The costume consists of:

Helmet:Made mostly by my boyfriend Furilas with some assembling help from me. Thanks to his tech-savvyness, it'll also have an arduino-controlled LED light in the mask to blink while I speak, like in the game. And if we have room (...we didn't. It's planned for version 2), a voice changer. The helmet itself is mostly craft foam and glue and spraypaint, the hat part of a baseball cap under a few bands of foam to keep it stable on my head, and vacuformed plastic with sheer purple spraypaint for the visor colour.

Neck rings: made of gold 4-way spandex and craft foam. I made the close-fitted rings around her neck from spandex in a choker style, and the two stiff bottom rings from spandex glued to foam; and worn like a gorget.

Purple portions: Thanks to Spoonflower, I got the purple swirl fabric in a nice, better-conforming-to-me stretch knit. Pattern is entirely self-drafted, and the neck fastener is made of worbla and velcroed to the fabric.

Bodysuit: Made with hexagon print from Spoonflower, black 4-way spandex, with silver 4-way spandex to make the piping. It was VERY hard doing the sharp angles with the piping- on top of matching up the contrasting seams, my serger nearly ate a few seam edges too close to save. I also spent an extra hour and a few do-overs making sure to match the hexagons as perfectly as I could to keep the design continuous. For the pattern, I modified that new Yaya bodysuit pattern (for the record, I don't like Yaya Han. But this pattern is solid stuff, with the main drawback being princess seams when you're trying to work with matched print fabrics).

Shoulder gear and harness: Made of black stretch pleather, straps of black upholstery pleather, arms of a stretchy fabric that came with the "ribbed" look of stitched/indented lines and a shiny coating- so, yeah, can you say PERFECT for the plasticky looking upper arms?, fasteners are a type of snap-together bra/swimsuit hook painted silver for the back, and Tandyleather bracelet clasps for the front that were the closest match I could find to her weird things, and the circular decorative discs on the backside are made from worbla and also velcro onto the suit. The upper arm things are upholstery vinyl, red ribbon and elastic and go on separately. All entirely self-drafted.

Belt: Entirely self-drafted. Upholstery pleather again, this time dark grey and black sewn together in front, and closed off mostly without stitching in the back by meeting the edges together with contact cement and a lot of clamping it down to set. It closes with a slide-in clip buckle, and a decorative overbuckle of worbla (with foam between to build it up). The mini belt is purse strapping and the little slider, a little oval buckle with the prong snipped off. Yay for bulk notions at Len's Mill and harvesting old purses!
The pouches were tough- entirely self drafted, and made of brown and black upholstery pleather and leftover silver spandex for the trims. Sewn mostly by machine, and with buckram contact-cemented into the sides and front to stiffen them up. I think I made them a little too big to be screen-accurate, but no WAY am I remaking these darn things after that much work.

Lower arm things: Made of worbla painted with acrylic and mod podge, and upholstery pleather with elastic to hold them onto my arms. I interpreted the things on her forearms as being shotgun shells, so I made shell-like pieces by wrapping strips of worbla around nerf darts and gluing them to the flat portion.

Gloves: Made separate from the sleeves of the main garment so I can actually use my hands during the day. Pattern is mostly self-drafted from heavily, HEAVILY altering a basic glove pattern I have, and combination of hand and machine sewn, using my spoonflower Tali knit, black 4-way spandex and metallic silver 4-way spandex.

Boots: Got some lovely base boots to alter, and made some dang complex bootcovers. The base boot has a permanent cover of the last of my TROn hexagon fabric, with the two toes on top as well (stuffed out with polyfill), the armoured parts of paint-weather upholstery vinyl, and permanently attached to the boots with sewing and contact cement. The greave portions are held in place and close together with velcro, and made of grey uphlstery vinyl, headliner foam, a stretch knit inside to better hug my actual leg shape, and the sticking-out parts of wire, interfacing, a slightly ribbed knit and a lot of nice straight stitching, and the very last of my silver spandex for the piping.

Gun: Though I REALLY wanted an omni-tool prop, the skill of making it and/or the price of comissioning it puts it solidly out of my reach. So, I went with a Scimitar shotgun made from a modded thrift-shop nerf gun. I wound up doing it all myself due to the amount of time Furilas had to spend on the helmet; the gun was filled in with paperclay and craft foam, and the details made from more of the above, followed by tons of glueing, drying time, and acrylic paints and mod podge.

And I entered this into the Anime North 2016 masquerade, hoping for ANY kind of award for this much work, no care what, and I got my wish! I won Best Script in the Journeyman category (video here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTC1h12Cjmg )


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