Final Fantasy X



The shorts are made with twill fabric, and I made the ruffles by hand with white poplin. The shirt is a one way stretch cotton fabric on which I sewed light pink and light yellow glass beads on the collar. The side mini belts are made with pleather and nickel watch buckles.
The leg pouch was made with pleather.
The strips on the back were made with cotton and I dyed the bias tape to get the baby blue color. I beaded around the flowers on one side, and put white 3D fabric paint on the other side.
The claws, targe and thingies that attach the strips to the shirt were made with foam.
The orange part of the weapon was also hand dyed, because this exact fabric came in all colors but orange, so I bought white and hoped that it was dyable... and it was!
The oversized glove is made with beige spandex and stuffed with quilt padding.
The goggles were bought and I painted the silver details around the lenses. I also added the red elastic (because the one that came with them was black).
I also bought white pearl earrings like the ones she has.
I styled the wig myself. I added a few extensions to have more hair in the ponytail. It may not seem like it, but there is a TON of hairspray in that ponytail!
I glued beige and orange feather fluff on yellow feathers to go at the end of the braids and on the boots.
I also made a pair a gloves with black pleather and a pair of black elbow bands for when I don't wear the oversized glove and the weapon.

The armbands, belts, weapon armstraps and details on boots (except for the brown "feet covers") were all made in leather by the awesome FullmetalSam


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Rikku


Myrionette Amazing work! Everything looks perfect! :)