Amy Pond

Doctor Who



Cosplay with my bf, who is a huge Whovian!

He wanted to cosplay as the latest / Eleventh Doctor, so I fulfilled a male fantasy with Amy's Kissogram outfit (as she is first seen in the series.) I feel that I can relate to Amy, and I love her growth throughout the series - although Ten+Rose will always be my favorite team :3

For a more realistic look, I bought lace-front wigs from for both the Doctor and Amy, though I dyed and styled them quite a bit. Although Amy's costume is supposed to be a 'fake' police uniform, I shopped around for authentic (decommissioned) UK police supplies - my favorite being the bullet-proof, stab-proof vest. It's terribly hot on a summer day, but I've never felt so safe at a con ;)

Cost: EUR 275 / ~US$350


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Series Doctor Who
Character Amy Pond
Variant Kissogram


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