Lumpy Space Princess

Adventure Time

I had been planning on making LSP since I first saw Adventure Time, but for years I put it off. I couldn't decide how I wanted to make it aaaaand I wanted to go with a group!

The makeup I bought didn't end up working as well as I wanted. It was far too light and the wrong shade. I had another shade of purple to mix, but the colors weren't blending and I gave up for the time being. Which is kind of a bummer since in some photos, you can't even TELL I'm wearing body paint. I was REALLY trying to go for a monochromatic purple, but I failed. :c

This was the first time I attempted to make my own tights and gloves. Both were horrible, but they did their job for the convention. The shoes were my Minnie heels from last Halloween, just recovered in yellow fabric.

The headpiece is my favorite part. I didn't want to just stick a star on my forehead, so I went with a slanted "crown" ala Queen of Hearts style. She IS a Princess after all! Princesses get crowns.
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Series Adventure Time
Character Lumpy Space Princess

bluebottle awesome costume! :D

LittleHobbit13 I'm loving this costume. You did such a great job with it!

Mytis Awesome!!

xXStillWatersXx I never thought in a million years that I would see someone successfully pull off a humanoid LSP, but you have definitely done it! I love your take on the character! :D