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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4



I've only played Persona 3 and 4 but I love them both and they're my favourite games. Therefore I must spam lots of cosplays from the series :P

Naoto and Rise are my favourite characters in 4! Teddie, Yosuke and Kanji trailing closely behind and then the others. Anybody that knows me quite well knows that I love school uniform cosplays, so I had to do both the male and female uniforms. Wanted to do female first as I already had the wig for Rise that's been unworn!

Not going to lie, it's not my best crafted school uniform cosplay, far from it. I accidentally made it a bit ill fitting due to not aligning the panels correctly so it's not fitted right at the sides basically, not to mention it's tighter than I hoped because I forgot she wore a turtle neck!

It's basically two panels sewn together with darts running down the front. I couldn't see a seam down the back but I might take apart the back panel and remake it to two panels for the back any way so that it's better fitted. Unfortunately I found out the reason why it was ill fitted in the first place because the embroidery wasn't a perfectly straight line! So I'll only take it apart when I have the time to redo the embroidery.

Sailor collar was all one piece and double layered with yellow cotton stitched on. Triangle bit is also double layered.
Yellow tie was basically a rectangle which then curved into triangles at the end - this was double layered as well as I didn't want the rolled hem to be seen.
White turtle neck belongs to my mum. I actually forgot she had one and didn't remember until I was packing for Aya... So hopefully for October Expo I can buy a more accurate one.

I dyed the skirt thanks to some really great advice from Natsumi on here. Full credit on the idea goes to her!
Dyed grey using Indian ink from The Works mixed with water. I'm pretty sure if you use surgical spirit on it instead of water it will be permanent but I was running out of time so couldn't use that method (as it's suppose to smell for several days and I couldn't wait that long!). Just water is fine though.
I used knife pleats, hemmed it and added on a rectangle waistband with a zip on the side.

Everything is hand embroidered using thick embroidery thread. My dad told me I could have used the machine if I had bought a special needle, I was already half way through when he told me this so I just carried on happily (screwing up my neck and back) carrying on the way I was :P

Thigh high socks I already had. Originally bought from Primark.
Shoes I already had. Originally bought from Matalan. I just painted on the crosses with white acrylic paint. When I get the chance, I'll get some leather and buckles to make them completely accurate.

Wig was bought from 1000014; he already told me it was pretty tangled but I didn't mind because it was so cheap and the perfect colour! Used the hot water method for this as I wanted it wavy not curly. No hairbands were involved with putting up the pigtails, I just tightly pulled the hair to two separate low pigtails and then plaited it fairly loosely and used four hair grips on each pigtail to hold them up. Also cut in some bangs and it already had a decent fringe when I got it so didn't need to do anything.

Glasses I used aren't accurate but hopefully I can find accurate ones someday. I just used my own glasses for the shoot, they're my lesson/driving glasses meaning I could actually see for once in my life in a costume! :P


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