Seth Nightraod

Trinity Blood

@Saturn Neko


Progress Pictuers comming soon. I have most of the coustume done! if all go well It will be worn for ALA in 2013 wich is as of now 5 days away!


@Saturn Neko
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Series Trinity Blood
Character Seth Nightraod


Saturn Neko Thanks you two! It was nice to finaly be apart of the Trinity Blood gathering! LOL and i haven't had a chance to update the progress, but you so right that its always in progress :p

Inoli LITTLE SISTER!!! You can't hide from me at all ;) you Seth is ADMAZING! It was so lovely to see you at ALA and the shoot! Trinity Blood is always "in progress" and really you looked just FANTASTIC!

kimu You did a lovely job on this costume! And you make an adorable Seth! I was glad to see you at ALA!