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The anime is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. The art is terrible and it's very cheesy but I actually love it orz. I had a big fascination by how the dress transforms and I thought it would be the perfect performance costume so I just had to make it!!

For a video of my performance, please click here:

For my 18th I made an original Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) costume and I took apart the red overlay to use as a base for Kirari's red dress. The bodice was a bit poorly made at the time so I took it in and lowered the back so that it was a bit better fitted. I then cut out two trapezium like shapes and sewed them together to create an underskirt for all the ruffles to sit on.

The ruffles on the skirt are all concentric circles because I think this makes it shape much better than pleating a long rectangle, this took up much more fabric but I think it was worth it! They're each about 10" long except the top layer which is around 6-7" long so that it hides the join from each ruffle.

I hemmed numerous rows of chiffon ready to gather into the bodice. I started off with the white panel by sewing it on with the chiffon at the same time. Once this was done I gathered chiffon onto the top hem of the bodice. I then stitched on the black ribbon and glued on the sequins due to lack of time - they look good anyway XD

The waistband was tacked on by hand then gone over with the machine because it was just too much fabric for the machine to cope first time round! The bow was made by sewing two rectangles together, turning it inside out and gathering it in the middle with the two stripes sewn on. I left a gap in the middle of the waistband so that I could stitch on the centre rectangular panel and pull it through and stitching it in place so that it looks like a real bow. Cheating but to be honest, I can't tie real bows that nicely LOL!

The little black bows get smaller in size and is lined with cotton because the spotty fabric is really thin. This is glued onto the bodice because again, was running out of time.

The white dress was made of two PVC panels. For this I really needed a dress form to make life a lot easier so Charlie (Special-Pleb) came over and laughed at the alien beast. We basically fiddled around with it until it looked okay then I stitched the velcro on to join it altogether.

All the details were stitched on and the white detailing at the front was painted on with acrylic. Black PVC bows were added to the shoulder seams as well.

The whole dress transforms by folding. I sewed the black detailing of the white dress part way down the skirt of the red dress.

I used a pair of shoes from Clark's Village for the base shoes... They're suppose to be my concert shoes for orchestra but uhmmm, not any more 8'D
I took two pieces of PVC and traced around my leg and shoes to make the boot covers which were hemmed and sewn on. The bows were hand sewed on afterwards.

The hat was made with 4 curved triangular panels (much like a fleece hat) and is lined with cotton. The bow was stitched on and the white detailing is acrylic. This was hot glued onto a comb type thing.

Bracelet and choker is made from different sets of rows of sequins. The choker has black spotty fabric to tie it in place, could have done without it really but Koharu seems to have it! The star is from Azuri, it was originally from a necklace.

As Koharu, I used my own hair. Honestly - styling my own hair was the hardest part LOL orz. My hair hates curls. I made some wefts using off-cuts from a black wig and sewed them onto tulle and cotton to make my pigtails thicker.

As Kirari, I used my Haine wig because her hair is roughly that colour in the anime. I put the wig in low pigtails, plaited it, then put in 4 clips for each pigtail to hold it up. Kirari doesn't have poofy pigtails but it's hard to put it up as normal pigtails without buying extensions and creating a middle parting - I don't want to destroy my wig anyway because I still have plenty of Haine cosplays to do!

If only Kirari and Koharu would swap hair styles, would make my life so much easier!


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